How To Survive First Month with Baby – Part 1

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Way to go mama! You gave birth to a beautiful baby and you’re ready to bring them home! Up until now you’ve had endless nurses and hospital staff give you some pointers about breastfeeding, how to bathe your baby, and loads of other helpful things. This will be greatly appreciated by any first time mother.

But once you’ve come home, you’ll notice within a few days how much more difficult it can be to take care of this new person in your life, along with taking care of yourself.

There really are two sides to what makes that first month with your baby a challenge. Firstly is to meet his or her needs. At first it may seem like all baby does is sleep and eat, but they quickly start developing interests and a personality. One that can be fussy and difficult to read.

The second part that makes it a challenge, mostly at the beginning, is mommy’s physical recovery. Nothing is more frustrating than when your baby is crying and you are in so much physical pain and soreness you can’t respond to it as quickly as you would like.

Therefore, I need two blog posts to cover everything! Today we start with what you need for baby. Also, here¬†some never shared before shots of Laurie’s first day home from the hospital! Enjoy.

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