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22 weeks in, and we still don’t know what we will call our baby. Yet I’ve been thinking about baby names for YEARS! Long before I even met Wayne.

Since travel is a great passion for many people (myself included), I thought it would be neat to share some travel related names for all you travel-loving folks! Maybe this list will help you out if you’re still searching for that perfect name.

Meaning behind the name is very important to me, and if it is for you too, I explain the meaning and origin of the name! They are separated into two categories for a total of 40 names. Each list comes with it’s own Pin image so you can pin for later reference!

25 Names Inspired by Places (Cities, Countries, State, etc)

  1. Alaska – from the Aleut language, this female name means “that which breaks against the shore” or “great land“, take your pick! Made popular by John Green’s book “Looking for Alaska”. It just sounds like a cool nature girl with beautiful, natural flowing hair.
  2. London – this can go for either boy or girl, and you can even alter the spelling: Londyn. I find the name both elegant and serious, but is fun to say outloud! Named, of course, after England’s historic capital that is almost synonymous with William Shakespeare, tea with scones, and Big Ben.
  3. India – want an exotic-sounding name for your baby girl? Why not go with the name of a very well-known exotic country! India has been associated with this romantic ideal of the beautiful and foreign.
  4. Odessa – while this beautiful name means “wrathful“, it is known as the artistic center of the Ukraine. A mini Paris in it’s own rights, this city also has a history of being strong against historic upturns. Just like the Black Sea waves that crash upon its shores….
  5. Paris – Though originally a greek name, Paris is known world-wide as the shining city of lights in France. As one of my most favourite cities, and it’s tie to the handsome prince in mythology, you can’t go wrong with this classical name.
  6. Arizona – where the name comes from is debatable. Some say it comes from the Spanish, others claim it is native-american. Either way, it’s a very cool and beautiful name for a girl.
  7. Austin – believe it or not, this name originally comes from the name Augustine.
  8. Boston – another popular American city, this name originally comes from an English Saint, though the Old English spelling and pronunciation is not very similar.
  9. Bristol – another Old English derived name, where the original name is spelled entirely different. This pretty female name mean “place at a bridge”. Maybe she will have very good connections.
  10. Carson – honestly, I think of Downton Abbey before I think of Carson city, and who could oppose to naming their child after one of the most beloved characters of the series? Carson’s meaning depends on the language root you look at. It can mean “marsh”, “fort” or “rock.
  11. Kent – Another name with a very old root, in this case Welsh. It basically means edge or border. Short but strong, could be a classier replacement for Kyle.
  12. Dakota – This name is no stranger, but it’s hugely popular. This beautiful name means “friend” in the Dakota language, which can complement either boy or girl.
  13.  Santiago – I bet you never knew this name is from the Anglicized “James”. Neither did I! If you like a bit of an exotic flare, this could be a perfect name for a dark-haired boy!
  14. Verona – Speaking of exotic and warm names, this is a beautiful girl name. Shakespeare chose this particular Italian city as the backdrop to possibly his most famous play “Romeo and Juliet”. Romance and beauty abound!
  15. Rio – This latin name is short, sweet and simple. It means “river”, which is quite refreshing and pleasant!
  16. Indiana – hopefully the famous Jones doesn’t put you off from choosing this name. After all, it does sounds adventurous!
  17. Tara – This short Irish name has a pretty neat meaning, which is “where the kings met”. You can still visit the Hill of Tara to this day!
  18. France – Probably my favourite country in the world, France is famous for so much! Incredible food, amazing art, and revolutions! You may, however, prefer the more subtle name Francis.
  19. China – While the Great Wall might be one of the first things to come to mind, it is also synonymous with beautiful artisan china that is known for its delicate beauty.
  20. Israel – Talk about an old name with a lot of history! Anyone who is fond of Jewish history and Hebrew roots might name their son after this strong cultural name.
  21. Brooklyn  Well-known neighborhood of New York, this lovely girl’s name is a compound English name that simply refers to “one who lives near a brook.
  22. Sydney – Everyone knowns the Sydney Opera House from it’s stunning silhouette. This name comes from Normandy that means “wide island” or from the French name “Saint Denis”.
  23. Diego –  This cool-sounding name is yet another Spanish name that is from the anglicized “James”, which means supplanter.
  24. Athens – Famous since ancient times. While Athens can be used as a boy name, this Greek capital was named after the goddess Athena after she won the vote of the people. Athena means “sharp” and “praise”.
  25. Memphis – Ending off on an even more ancient city, going back to Ancient Egypt. This boy name was originally in Egyptian, meaning “enduring and beautiful” before the Greeks changed the spelling and pronunciation.

15 Baby Names Inspired by Natural Places

  1. Carolina – after the hills of the Carolinas, of course! Beautiful name for a beautiful place.
  2. Ocean – don’t most people love the ocean? It’s so powerful, yet soft and calm. Then again, it can be frightfully strong and powerful. It cannot be tamed.
  3. Aria – This name is a breath of fresh air! Literally, it is the Italian word for ‘air’, and also the same word for a beautiful soloist song.
  4. Terra – a lovely name that simply means “earth”. The place we live, but also the substance in which all livings things come from!
  5. Coral – Anyone who has snorkeled or scuba-dived has ogled at beautiful coral reefs that we are so fascinated by!
  6. Sky – this is such a lovely name! It is so inspirational, afterall, don’t we say “the sky’s the limit”? Who knows where your little one will go in life!
  7. Beaumont – this fancy French name is after a mountain in (you guessed it) France! You literally have a beautiful and strong name, since it translates to “beautiful/handsome mountain”.
  8. Brier – this always reminds me of Sleeping Beauty! ‘Brier Rose’ does have a nice ring to it.
  9. Glenn – ‘shady glenn’, a quick line from the melodious song “Loch Lomond”, it’s definitely a retro name these days.
  10. Montana – a popular name, having both a state and a faux pop singer with the same name, this is a classic for those who love open fields, riding on horse-back, fishing, and rodeos!
  11. West – As long as your last name isn’t Jet, this is a really neat name that will automatically make your boy sound like the cool kid. 
  12. Dale – synonymous with valley. If you have ever walked along the bottom of a valley, you know how neat and beautiful it is, usually with a stream running along with low trees perching over and large rocks that lead up to the mountains.
  13. Sierra – named after the lovely Sierra range, what is there not to love? This name is both feminine and solid.
  14. Hudson – Canadians know the huge role the Hudson Bay played in our history. It sounds like a sporty guy who loves hunting.
  15. Logan – no, we’re not talking about the Wolverine (although he’s pretty cool too), but about Mt. Logan. Canada’s tallest mountain! Logan sounds like someone you can depend on to get the job done. Also sounds like he owns a truck.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of travel inspired baby names! Are there any that really appeal to you? Have you used one of these names for your kid? Do you have other travel-related baby names that were not on this post? Share them below in the comments!


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  1. I love London, Tara, Brooklyn, and Aria! I had no idea Aria and Tara could be inspired by travel. Great article!

  2. Aw I love these! I’m so baby crazy I already have a list on my phone and I don’t even get married for two more months xD

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