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 Today officially marks 1 month until my husband and I touch down in the land of Egypt.  I would be lying if I said we weren’t nervous. While we’ve read as much as we could on life in Egypt, travel tips, and received info booklets on what to expect and customs, and such, there is no such thing as being ready, only willing.

There is some danger to be apprehensive about, as well as many comforts from home that will be missed. Yet there are countless new foods to try, new flavours to explore, new language to learn, new sights to behold, new people to embrace, new music and sounds to be captivated by, and new experiences to live.

Thus I present, first, the things were not looking forward to/will miss about home, and second: what we can’t wait for!

Top 5 Things We’re Not Looking Forward To

1) Women’s Rights A-Lacking. 
I’ve read many blogs and articles about how different life will be for me as a female in the middle East, and I dred it. I’m not a feminist in the radical sense, but I do think a woman should be able to show her knees without men treating her like a prostitute. Also, I’ve been practising how to say “I’m married” and “Leave me alone” in Arabic…

2) Illiteracy.
I am fortunate to know 3 languages fluently, and have a good linguistic talent for deciphering Latin based languages I do not speak. Arabic, however, could not be more foreign to me. While I am ecstatic to learn a new and different language, neither my husband or I are looking forward to the growing pains of learning to read right to left and in a new alphabet. Can I join the kindergarten kids in Arabic class?

3) Heat.
I am an odd creature. I don’t mind warmth but always had low tolerance for extreme heat (and cold). Tropical places are not where I want to retire. Give me a cottage in Ireland, and I’ll be thrilled. Fortunately, Egypt is a dry heat, which I know I can combat with much more ease than humid.

4) No Bacon. 
And no pork at all for that matter. I’m not in love with pork, though I do really enjoy ham, but both my husband and I love bacon –  we are Canadian after all! So knowing we will not be having these foods at all while in the Middle East, makes our stomachs rather sad.

5) On Your Guard. 
There is a safety and sense of social respect that is present more Western societies that seems like a fairy tale in more exotic eastern countries. I know we will get used to it and it will become second nature, but we soft Canadians will have much to learn about who to trust and how to behave in society if we are to be safe and not get into trouble or mixed up in something.

Now for the Top 5 Things We Are SO Looking Forward To

1) The Food
We are BIG food lovers! There is very little we are shy to try, and we love ethnic cuisine, so we are definitely looking forward to the exotic tastes and aromas that await! – Egyptian Recipes

2) The Sites
The Nile, the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Red Sea, need I go on?

3) The Cultural Experience
Getting used to a new way of life can be challenging and sometimes embarrassing. But once you get into the ebb and wane of life of the culture around you, it’s a beautiful experience. I believe in life-long learning, and being exposed to the new and different is bound to teach you some things.

4) Adventure
What do wanderers want more than an adventure? We wouldn’t be going at all if it weren’t up for one! We are building our To-Do list, which already includes: scuba diving in the Red Sea, climbing inside a Pharaoh’s tomb, visiting visiting countries such as Turkey and Israel and so much more!

5) Teaching
As a new teacher, I’m gushing over having my own classroom and students for two years!!! I know I will be learning just as much as I am teaching, if not more, but I couldn’t be more excited to put my skills into full gear and truly begin my career! I’m also thrilled to have a classroom full of brown-eyed pupils with dark curly hair…My grade sixes will be the most adorable!
Have you ever moved to a completely new culture and country? Have you lived in Egypt? What was it like?


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