Packing a Hospital Bag – What to Bring For Mom, Dad & Baby

baby girl clothes

I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, and I feel like baby girl could arrive any day now! So I’m making sure my hospital bag is as packed as possible. Using a checklist, I’ll make sure either myself or my husband can remember any last minute stuff to throw in before we head off to meet baby girl!

Now before I show you what I am packing, here are some things to take into consideration as you pack yours!

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10 Things That Helped Me During Pregnancy


While pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation and joy, let’s face it, it’s also a time of yuck! There’s nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, stretch marks and more! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple products, services and items that can help take the edge off and make pregnancy a smoother ride.

Along with sharing what has helped me during my pregnancy, I have teamed up with a local spa business to throw a giveaway contest! Keep reading until the end for the instructions on how to participate!

*There may be some affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here.

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New Years in Paris – What We Did

Last year we explored Europe once again for the Christmas holidays, and we decided to finish off in Paris! This was our second visit to Paris as a couple, so I was eager to hit up some of the places we missed our first time that I really wanted Wayne to see. This was also my second New Years in the city of lights! It was a wonderful little stay, full of great food, shopping and sight-seeing of course!

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What to REALLY Get for Your Baby – Moms Share their Thoughts


As a mom-to-be, with my first child, I know how overwhelming it can be to prepare for baby. Living in a materialistic world with constant advertising, it almost seems like one needs to buy a new house for all the baby things we apparently need!

It can make registering for baby a bit dizzying. But after much research, talking with other parents, including my own, I’ve been able to wrap my head around what are essentials for my baby, what is nice to have, and what is truly frivolous.

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Letting Go of Control – Surrendering To Peace

surrender 2

A month ago, we talked about how the illusion of control causes stress, anger, and anxiety among other things. There is a reason we are told multiple times in the Bible to surrender control to God. One of the side effects of letting go is joy and happiness. This is even physcologically backed up, because we understand better that there are a great deal of things in life that we cannot control, and breaking away from the disillusion frees us from a twisted false reality.

So, we know letting go of control is good for us and we know that God is someone we can trust completely. So what is stopping us from truly surrendering to Him? Because, remember, we aren’t called to surrender some, or even most to God. No, we are called to surrender ALL to God. It is one thing to listen to the GPS and follow it’s directions, another to let someone else take the steering wheel completely! Yet, without true and complete surrender to God, we will never fully experience the soul-comforting peace that only He can give.

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Second Trimester Tips – My Pregnancy Journey

pink shoes

They say the second trimester is a time of calm in the middle of your pregnancy journey. I believe it is, for the most part, true! While the second trimester isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it is definitely the stage where I finally felt happy to pregnant!

Quite a lot happens in your second trimester. So I’m breaking it up into three phases that were each fairly distinct. And, of course, I’ll be sharing tips and advice on how to deal with the things the second part of your pregnancy might throw at you.

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Free Blogging Resources to Start a Blog – Stock Photo Giveaway!


So you want to dive into the world of blogging? Well, if you are passionate about creating content and sharing it through writing, that this is probably the place for you!

In this post I will share resources you can use for free when you are starting out in the blogging world! Stay till the end, because I have a set of FREE stock photos that I am giving away! Plus some news on a product I am working on! Don’t miss out on the goodies! Let’s get started.

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Letting Go of Control – Surrendering to Joy


We like to think we can write our own stories, forge our own paths, and find our own destinies. But if we take a step back and look at how things have unfolded in our lives, there are so many variables and factors that we have no control over. This idea of control is only an illusion, and we are only fooling ourselves.

You can’t stop the rain from coming down on your wedding day, or from the company you work for from going bankrupt. You can’t stop your parent from getting sick, or your house catching fire from a faulty wire.

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12 Fall Date Night Ideas – On a Budget

fall couple 1

I don’t know about you, but I fell in love in the Fall time. In fact, Wayne and I met exactly 5 years ago today! This is part of the reason I find Fall even a more romantic time than Summer! The warm sunlight, red leaves, the cozy gear and earlier sunsets all lend to endless date night possibilities!

When my husband and I first started dating, we hung out all the time! Now, being married, having a baby, raising a puppy, it’s hard to find the time we used to have to have date nights together, but I am determined to have some before the baby arrives this winter! On the other hand, I also want to be money-conscious as we save up for quite a few expenses in the near future.

So, I went back to the past to our dating days for inspiration. All of these activities are either free or about 10$ a person, perfect for a budget-minded couple! Not only that, I purposely have more outdoor activities, because as the weather gets colder, the harder it is to do things outside, but Fall is still a great time to be outside as much as possible!

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