Forgiving Others When You’ve Been Wronged


I get angry when I feel that I’m being treated unjust and have been wronged. I don’t always handle it in the best way. Very quickly I react with frustration, outrage and sometimes hot tears.

While anger is a very natural reaction, it is how we deal with our anger than can lead to sin and misery. It can lead to bitterness, a grudge, constant brooding and poor judgement. Of course, this is not how we are called to live as Christians. So we must follow Christ’s example and word.

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40 Travel Inspired Baby Names


22 weeks in, and we still don’t know what we will call our baby. Yet I’ve been thinking about baby names for YEARS! Long before I even met Wayne.

Since travel is a great passion for many people (myself included), I thought it would be neat to share some travel related names for all you travel-loving folks! Maybe this list will help you out if you’re still searching for that perfect name.

Meaning behind the name is very important to me, and if it is for you too, I explain the meaning and origin of the name! They are separated into two categories for a total of 40 names. Each list¬†comes with it’s own Pin image so you can pin for later reference!

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My Pregnancy Journey – The First Trimester

cover photo

This is a milestone week. I’m now 20 weeks into my pregnancy – the halfway point – and time is starting to go by quite fast!

Finding out you’re pregnant for the first, whether it was planned or unexpected, will inevitably bring you to a place called: the unknown. As a first time mom, I felt like I knew so little about pregnancy after meeting with my doctor and doing research (which included binge-watching mom youtubers). Even though I had grown up exposed to babies and pregnant women, there is SO much that happens behind the scenes, on a day-to-day basis, that I was never aware of.

Today, I want to share with you what I experienced and learned in my first trimester. If you are newly pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, hopefully some of this insight will help you out. Every pregnancy is different, but if you are reading something I’m describing and you go “yes! That’s exactly how I feel! So glad I’m not alone!” then that’s exactly how I want you to feel. That being said, I’m not a doctor, so don’t ever hesitate to contact yours (or your doula) for advice or concerns!

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Our New Adventure – Breaking the Silence


Are you a planner type of person? The kind who tries to map out their life plans for the next year and next 3-5 years? I have a tendency to do that. So when something unexpected comes up and throws off some of my plans, it can take me a while to mentally and emotionally adjust. I don’t mean something small, like the weather taking a turn for the worse and cancelling your weekend plans. I mean BIG unexpected things that pretty much change your whole life and flip it upside down.

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10 Ways To Have A Blast in Barcelona


Barcelona is a popular destination, no doubt about it. It is a great mix of urban modern city, old gothic charm, beach town and Spanish culture with a Catalan twist. It’s a unique city, and there is a reason it keeps drawing in tourists and visitors by the thousands! If you are planning a trip there, keep reading to get an idea of what to see, do, what to eat, and overall how to have a blast in this amazing Spanish city! Here are my 10 suggestions:

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How to Make Viral Pinterest Pins – Part 2

pexels-photo (2)

Applicability, this is the other half of the equation to making your Pin go viral on Pinterest. If you want Pinterest to be your ally and bring you insane amount of traffic, then you need both Attractive and Applicable pins. To know what to do to make attractive pins, check out Part I of this series.

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How to Make Viral Pinterest Pins & Get Traffic

palnner desk

Welcome to my little tutorial on how to make popular pins on Pinterest and bring you traffic, business and clients! In short, how to make your pins so successful, they go viral! Because believe me, you will notice a big difference between the pins that get a few hundred re-pins, versus those that soar into the thousands!

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How to Plan Your Trip to Egypt – Itineraries


Tourism is slowly improving in Egypt now that people realize it’s actually pretty safe in spite of the events that hits the news once in a while. Even Will Smith came with his family and had a great time in Cairo! So it’s probably time for you to start planning your trip! Whether you come for a weekend or a month, I have multiple itinerary plans that you can customize to make the most of your stay.

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15 Travel Mistakes & How Avoid Them

luggage walk

Yes, even avid travellers makes mistakes. One of the humbling things about being a regular traveller is that no matter how many times you’ve flown, travelled, and adventured about, you still mess up. I feel like every travel has taught me a new lesson, sometimes ever re-taught me. But I would rather avoid any future slip ups.

A trick I use to get by through life less clumsily is to learn from other people’s mistakes! So we’re spilling the beans on all out travel mishaps as well as mishaps we have seen other travellers make, and how you can avoid them on your next trip. Here we go!

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Great Products I Use for Dry Skin


Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you live in a dry climate? Maybe both? Girl, I feel you.

When it comes to my scalp, lips and legs, I have to make sure I keep up with regular moisturizing all year round, but winter-time just makes everything drier! Add on top of that that I moved to Egypt, and my skin might as well be part of the desert…

I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m starting to recognize how important it is to hydrate and take care of my skin. Over the last year I’ve been experimenting and trying out new products to see what worked and what didn’t. Overall, I’m super happy with a handful of beauties that have hydrated my world!

I will break this post into different areas of the body and the products I use to target the dry skin in that area. If you can’t find these products near you, you can order any of these products online simply by clicking on the image. Yes, these are affiliate links and anything I make helps run this blog as best I can for you!

Ready to feel moisturized? Grab your hand lotion and lets dive into silky smoothness!

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