Winter in Europe – Outfit Planning

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This is our third travel fashion advice installment for those travelling in Europe, now in the winter season, which is upon us!

Are you touring Christmas Markets, drinking hot wine and counting down to the new year? Or maybe you’re skipping the craze of the Christmas holiday travelling and going in January-February, one of the coldest months of the year. Either way, we’ve travelled quite a bit in the winter, and we are doing it again this year! We’ve made mistakes and learned from them and now are sharing those fashion tips and outfit suggestions with you!

I love winter, but I HATE feeling cold. It’s uncomfortable, unpleasant, and usually leads to colds and sinus problems. So, if you’re like me, you love keeping warm and toasty as much as possible. But if you’re very much like me, you also want to manage to look stylish and cute in your travel photos. Let’s figure out how to do both, because the beauty of winter in Europe is that you don’t have to choose between stylish and warm!

So grab a hot cup of cocoa, a warm blanket, and stay tuned for wardrobe ideas AND a brand new packing travel list that is perfect for this winter season that you can download for FREE!

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Summer in Europe – Outfit Packing


It feels like half of the world is travelling during the summer and Europe is one of the top most popular destinations. Personally, I think summer is not the most ideal time to travel, but I’m a teacher…so I have little options! While summer means everywhere will be super busy and pricier, it is a great time to enjoy the sun, the heat, and feed off the buzz! Because let’s face it, Europe can be surprisingly cold up until mid-May! When summer hits, you can finally ditch the three extra layers and work on your tan!

What makes picking and packing outfits for Europe so nice is that no matter how many countries you are visiting, in general the whole continent has similar weather and temperature averages, but double check the forecast just in case. Here are some ideas and key things to keep in mind as you pack up for a trip in the Summer.

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Spring in Europe – Outfit Packing

March to early May is one of the best seasons to visit Europe. The summer swell of tourists hasn’t arrived yet, the weather is not unbearably hot, and you can max out on accessories! I’m talking scarves, sunglasses and hats galore!
What makes picking and packing outfits for Europe so nice is that no matter how many countries you are visiting, in general the whole continent has similar weather and temperature averages. Here are some ideas and key things to keep in mind as you pack up for a trip in the Springtime.
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Outfit Prepping for Paris

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Paris is always a good idea…That quote couldn’t be more true!

Hello fellow wanderers!

I’ve decided to share some packing tips to the City of Lights, as I am on my way there soon for my honeymoon!

I absolutely adore Paris, although I was not in love with it at first sight! Yes, yours truly was actually very mellow when I first landed in Paris, almost 4 years ago. Granted, I had one of the worst jet lags I had ever experienced, was beyond exhausted, and was forced to tour around Trocadéro and Les Champs-Elysées.

Fortunately, I had a rapid change of heart, and I fell deeply and passionately in love with everything the French culture offered. This is why I am returning there for my honeymoon! I simply raved (and still do) about Paris to my fiancé, and he’s very excited to see this city that feels like home away from home to me.

What to Pack for Paris

I have never been in France in the summer, but I was there late May before I left. Typically, Paris is warm but a bit cool in the mornings and evenings. I have been looking at the weather forecast, and it would seem that is what we are to expect, along with a chance of rain.

This is perfectly fine by me! Touring under a hot sun in a country where public washrooms are not ideal, and you are walking constantly, is not my idea of a great honeymoon. So low 20s (Celsius) for me is just peachy! I even bought a gorgeous new rain coat in case it rains!

There are 3 guidelines I followed when selecting my outfits and items of clothing.

1 – Can mix and match to create at least 2 different outfits
This is important no matter where you go if you want to travel as light as possible, but want your wardrobe to be flexible for any occasion. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to stick to a colour scheme of some kind. In this case I did mostly neutrals of black, white and tan. This is difficult for me, as I enjoy wearing many colours and like variety, but I remembered that I can use scarves and statement necklaces to bring a pop of colour to my outfits!
2 – Of Parisian fashion taste
I, personally, do not like to be seen as a ‘tourist’, especially in Paris where it feels more like home than a vacation. I’m not an all-inclusive 5 star hotel person. I am Couchsurfer and an Air BNB user. I like to ‘do as the Romans do’ as much as possible when I travel . I find it is so much easier to understand the intricacies of a culture from within, rather than looking on the outside. Another plus of not looking like a tourist is that you won’t be targeted by those who feed off tourism…they can be really bothersome at times.
3 – Comfortable
This is pretty self explanatory. Why would you want to suffer walking around Les Jardins de Luxembourg while wearing tight jeans and stilettos? Common sense, folks.

We will be in Paris for a total of 6 days before heading to Belgium, and here is what I packed:

Here are 13 items of clothing although I am taking 14 (I have a black, loose, open, light sweater that I forgot to put in the picture) with the exception of small necessities, like underwear, pj’s and socks.
No.1 – we have a light jacket-shirt that is incredibly soft and comfy! Perfect for almost-summer weather! (Suzy Shier)
No.2 – This is the gorgeous rain coat I mentioned! It has white polka-dots on the inside, and a large, detachable hood. (Suzy Shier).
No. 3 – While we are trying not to go crazy with money-spending while we’re there, we do intend to celebrate our new marriage with a fancy dinner, and this is the dress I picked, which is a very pale mint dress. (Dynamite).
No.4 – This comfy shirt has a beautiful detail of white lace down the back which is just perfect and matches 2 of my bottoms! (Suzy Shier).
No.5 – These beige pants are great to mix up the black and white I’ve got going on and match 3 of my tops! (Urban Planet).
No.6 – I love this breezy top with lace shoulders. Lovely solid spring colour that is easy to match with. (H&M).
No.7 – Black and white stripes just scream Paris to me! It’s so stereotypical, but I couldn’t help it! (H&M).
No.8 – I don’t think I have owned anything with polka dots like this since I was a child. It’s very flattering as it flairs out at the bottom, and it has a business edge to it, so it’s sure to give your outfit a sense of higher fashion! (Suzy Shier).
No. 9 – This is a very simple black long-sleeved shirt for those days when it might get cool or rainy. (H&M).
No.10 – I adore this lace skirt, it instantly makes my outfit cute and fun! Hopefully it gets warm enough to wear!
No.11 – Solid black tights. To me, they’re a staple, not to mention they’re SUPER comfy! (Suzy Shier).
No.12 – These floral tights are great to add a detailed accent to an outfit! (H&M)
No. 13 – Lastly is a light grey sweater with an icon of a sheep. (gifted)
With these I can make about 10 different outfits, which is fitting, since we are gone for 10 days!
Now of course I will also be bringing a comfy pair of shoes, mostly likely my black TOMS, which are essential, especially since I will not be used to walking around so much. Hopefully I will be able to transition to my pretty black and white flats (Naturalizer) while my Tiffany blue heels (Spring) will be for our special dinner.
My style may not suit you, do not fret! Paris is home to many fashions, and I lean towards a combination of simple, fun and fashionably cute. Even if you are not travelling to Paris, I recommend you pack as light, yet versatile as possible, and pick a strict range of colours. Doing a little research can help to know what to expect weather-wise, and knowing what locals wear can also give you some guidelines.
Last word of advice: do not panic if you forgot something or are unprepared for a certain occasion! If you’re easily distressed (such as myself), know right now that all amount of planning and prepping won’t always follow through 100%. But dear wanderers, that is what adventures are made of… 😉
Wanderfully yours,


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