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What to do in Qatar

We spent four days in Qatar, which is more than enough to see all that Doha has to offer. The city is clean and very modern with new high-rises going up all the time, and of course there are preparations under way for the FIFA world cup. That being said, there is not a great many things to see and do in Doha, particularly if you are a budget traveller or really enjoy more authentic cultural experiences.

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10 Things You May Not Know About Egypt

10 things about egypt 2

Everyday it seems we learn something new about this hot (except in winter) and strange land, and some of it simply boggles our minds! Egypt has been getting¬†a really bad rep in the news and media, and it is so easy to have a small, shallow perspective of what kind of a place Egypt really is. Here are 10 quirky and unique things we’ve learned about Egypt.

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