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Bonjour my fellow wanderers!

I am currently in Paris, about to finish our first day of the honeymoon!

You may already know that I have an obsession and love for Paris that runs deep. Paris simply rarely disappoints… There is maybe that one experience or off day, but overall, Paris is an incredible city.

When I am back home from my honeymoon, I will be sharing more about my experiences of coming back and seeing my (now!) husband experience what I went through so many years ago. Of course, there will be tips and advice for all you wanderers who may find themselves in the City of Love in the future!

You will get to see some pictures, but if you would like to see more on a daily basis as I go about my travels, follow me on Instagram @wanderlustandheart !

Here we go! A quick small look at out first day in Paris:
Having a cup of tea after a very delicious first meal and dessert! 
Enjoying the view from our apartment!
Poor Wayne was so tired, we both didn’t sleep at all in our overnight flight and jet lag was present. But so is Sacré Coeur! 
My hubby and a view of Paris.

More to come in a few days! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, do you or someone to know have suggestions for what to do in Paris on your honeymoon? We’re thinking of going to a spa! What do you think? What’s your favourite thing to do in Paris? 
Wanderfully yours, 

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