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Are you a planner type of person? The kind who tries to map out their life plans for the next year and next 3-5 years? I have a tendency to do that. So when something unexpected comes up and throws off some of my plans, it can take me a while to mentally and emotionally adjust. I don’t mean something small, like the weather taking a turn for the worse and cancelling your weekend plans. I mean BIG unexpected things that pretty much change your whole life and flip it upside down.

Why have I been SO quiet on my blog and social media for a few months now? Well, it’s time I share with you, my readers, something huge that has sent me on a personal journey and a new life track. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know the news!

The News:

We’re pregnant! We found out while we were in Odessa, Ukraine back in April. It was completely unexpected, unplanned, and it caused both Wayne and I to reconsider our direction in life from being abroad to settling down back home. Here is why:

I grew up moving around, often. I didn’t have cousins, grandparents, uncles or aunts around me for the majority of my life. I have always, always known, that as much as I LOVE travelling and living abroad, once I had a child, I wanted a different life for them than what I grew up with. While I definitely benefited greatly from travelling from the age of 5, I also struggled a GREAT deal, particularly with my identity and feeling of belonging. Also, I know, perhaps more than ever, just how important family is.

Will we travel again? Of course. It just will look different from what we’ve been used to these past 2 years abroad. Will we never move abroad again? I certainly hope not! But until I feel my kid (or kids) is ready to be uprooted a bit, I want them to experience a more stationary childhood than I did.

This is not just my decision, but that of my husband as well. It’s what we want. While I am in awe of mothers who pick up their toddler baby and back-pack around the world, I always knew in my heart that wasn’t the life I wanted. We want to settle for a while, enjoy the comforts of home, enjoy the company of our family and friends, become homeowners, and dedicate to making life the best we can for our little one as we see fit.

The Future of this Blog:

That all being said, I have struggled in particular what to do with this blog. There is still a great deal of travel-related and destination-related blog posts I have up my sleeve, but I so desperately want to share my pregnancy journey, along with all the other lifestyle-related things that go along with settling and growing a family.

Something else that has been on my heart for about 6 months now is sharing and talking more opening about my faith and struggles of a Christian lifestyle. With all these things I’ve been wanting to write about, and with my full time travelling lifestyle about to go on a long pause, I have decided that things will change and my blog should adapt along the way.

The reason I began blogging is simply for the love of writing and to have something that reflected my thoughts, my passions and my lifestyle. For that reason, Wanderlust + Heart will be going through a transition. I want to keep all the travel things I have written, since that content is still a passion of mine, but I will be adding much more lifestyle related things: the mysteries of pregnancy, motherhood, and faith.

While I worry about losing some readers over this transition (which will take some time), I want to speak to a larger audience of people who are going or soon to be going through the same journey I am. If I cannot share what is on my mind or on my heart, I wouldn’t want to do this blogging thing at all.

This is going to take a LOT of work, so bare with me! Some blog posts are in the works to be published soon, my Resource library is on hold for now, and soon I will venture down the scary path of figuring out the technical steps to making this transition smooth.

So, now you know! Wish me luck as I take on this new challenge. I’m curious to know, how many of you are mothers? Do you travel much with your kids? Any of you expecting or have future plans  of becoming moms? Any other female bloggers that have gone through a change in their blogging life similar to mine? I’d like to know and start connecting with you! Drop me a comment down below!


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