10 Signs You Have Baby Fever

baby preview
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Several months before our wedding, my baby fever began. Maybe it was because of all my adorable nieces and nephews being born and growing into adorable toddlers. Maybe it was because of that song “first comes love, then comes marriage…“.

Whatever it was, once it started, while it ebbs and flows, it never really went away. I still get baby fever.

Having kids is obviously a huge decision, and one that we have decided to take very carefully due to our lifestyle. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t daydream once in a while!

So while we still are not sure when we will start planning to grow our family, I decided to indulge and create a list of 10 signs of baby fever for those who have not yet had a baby, but want to! Do you have any of these signs? Let’s find out!

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