6 Amazing Things to do in Dahab

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As you well know by now, though this blog and through Instagram, we came back a week ago from a lovely little vacation in Dahab, Egypt. A small coastal town along the Red Sea in the Sinai peninsula. It has the typical vacation-spot leisurely activities to do, such as souvenir shopping, swimming, and sight-seeing, but there is more!

This place is in a unique geological disposition having the sea, mountains and desert all closely knit together. Which makes this an excellent place to find adventurous and outdoor activities to do! Let’s dive in to our list of things to do in Dahab, shall we?

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Mini Wanderlust Globe

 Travellers and wanderers like to express their wanderlust and love for travelling, and one of those ways is through home décor and fun diy crafts! I was inspired by my friend over at Pretty Little
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