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Going on holidays for a couple of weeks, or backpacking for several months, is not the same thing as packing up your life and moving away, even if it is only on a semi-permanent basis.

In three days, my husband and I will be moving far away from all our friends and family to an unfamiliar land of Egypt. This move is particularly hard on my husband, who has stayed close to home most of his life. I have moved a handful of times to different countries, and while I even have moved away from my nuclear family to fly solo in France for several months, this next move is difficult, even for me.

There is so much to look forward to, and we know this adventure will really help us grow as a couple and enhance our marriage, as well as enrich our lives with so may unique experiences that are coming our way. But we are both very family orientated people, and our hearts will feel something is missing as weeks go by without a family dinner, or family movie night.

I know what to expect, and I know when home-sickness will hit the hardest. I also know that the reverse will happen once the two years fly by and we are on our way home. People are what really make a place feel like home, and chances are there will be new friends that will make it hard for us to come back!

Yet, knowing the adventures that will be had, the emotions that will come and knowing what the final parting at the airport will be like, doesn’t lessen the experience for me. At the one week mark is when I finally began to crack {read as: crying randomly} and I could not be in denial any more of the reality that was ever fast approaching.

Because time is fleeting, I’ve decided to take some time and acknowledge the things my husband and I will miss the most while away, but not to become more sorrowful, but rather to remember these things fondly and hold on to them until we return.

1. My mother’s lack of personal space as she tickles and hugs without ceasing.

2. Our niece’s most beautiful and adorable toothless smile and sparkling eyes.

3. Sonny’s dog kisses and cuddles.

4. Wayne’s mom singing a prayer with joy in her face.

5. My dad’s teasing jokes.

6. My little brother’s nerdy facts that no one really cares about except him.

7. Our nephews many faces and hilarious moments.

8. The older niece’s ability to talk better than most teenagers (she’s not 3 yet!).

9. Seeing grandpa get lost in his world of tinkering, like fixing a car brake.

10. Listening to Wayne’s dad’s stories, no one tells them like him!

11. My youngest brother’s hilarious sayings and adorable helpfulness.

12. Grandma’s quick and witty come backs.

13. Seeing the end result of my sister-in-law’s work of creativity, whether baking or décor.

14. Eating that famous ham…

15. The way Wayne’s brothers get excited about their passions

16. Our sister in law’s great big heart for family.

17. My youngest sister singing off-tune made-up music with steadfast confidence

18. The love our family shows us in all the big and little ways!

This list could go on, and on and on…There is simply too much that will be missed! Yet, looking back on this list, it really becomes obvious that when it comes to family, my husband and I have been blessed! And it is thanks to their love and support that we are able to pursue this dream and great adventure ahead!

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