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 Welcome everyone! I am very excited for this first foodie-related blog post! I have been wanting to do recipes and explore ethnic foods for a very long time now, and now I am ready to do this on a more regular basis! Stay tuned now for recipes, restaurant recommendations, and ethnic foods to try before you die!
Today we are doing the Chaski: a highly nutritious breakfast sandwich, packed with protein and vitamins to fuel your day!

The Chaski (also known as Chasqui) is a historic Peruvian runner who would deliver messages across the Incan empire, and has several trails named after their routes along the ancient Incan roads that you can tour today!
 Why did I call this delectable delight the Chaski? Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

If a Chaski was to have a filling and energy-boosting breakfast to fuel their highly active lifestyle, this would be the breakfast sandwich for them! Both the sweet potato (or you can use yams) and the avocado are natively grown in Peru. It was also my Peruvian father who first made me sweet potato breakfast sandwiches.

Alright, now let’s make one!

Step 1: Cut the Veggies

  • Dice the onion to your preference and slice the sweet potato in slices of about quarter of an inch wide.
  • The red pepper will be used for it’s ring shape. So cut the top off and gut out the inside of the pepper.
  • Then cut horizontally to make the rings, so they look like the picture below.

Step 2: Frying

  • Fry an egg inside the red pepper ring. Don’t worry about it being perfect! The bell pepper ring is for flavor as well as aesthetics.
  • *Note: if you do not like a yokey egg, cook it with a lid on top.
  • Fry the sweet potato and the onions. You can use either olive oil, or coconut oil. I prefer coconut oil when working with breakfast foods.

Step 3: Mash and Toast

  • Slice the avocado in half, cube the inside then scoop it out and mash it to your preferred texture.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Pop in the toast at this time, since whatever is on the stove will be ready shortly!


Step 4: Sort out the Spread

  • You may butter your toast, then spread out the avocado on one slice, and the sweet potato with onions on the other.
  • Next, place the fried egg and pepper ring on the avocado.
  • Carefully bring the top slice on top of the egg, and you are done!

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now you can leave it like that, or add a side of yuka fries or maybe you meat-lovers want to add some bacon strips! Sink your teeth into this multi-textured sandwich with all kinds of flavors bursting in your mouth! Start the day with a very satisfied stomach. And as my dad always says “A full stomach is a happy heart.” (Estomago lleno, corazon contento)

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