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My husband and I love road trips, even if it’s only an hour long. We love spending time with just us two, and blasting some great tunes while hitting the road. Some songs are great for singing at the top of your lungs like a rock star, and other perfect for contemplating as you watch the horizon and landscapes pass by.

Over the years we’ve been on a handful number of road trips, and we’ve gotten used to a certain selection of songs that are our must-haves on any road trip playlist. Here are our top 15 current favourites, enjoy a little listen!

1. Send Me (On My Way) by Rusted Root – Wayne loves this song, and it’s really fun to kick-start the journey with a song about going somewhere!

2. Pompeii by Bastille – This is a great song overall, but can you imagine this blasting through your speakers as you see the sunrise? Or come upon some mountains? Pure epic-ness…

3. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers – Every classic road trip deserves a classic country song, and what could be more classic than this?

4. What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder – This is one of my favourite go-to songs for something up-beat and a bit folk-y. I can picture and endless road and open skies whenever I hear this song.

5. Wake Me Up by Avicii – Great song over all! Definitely up-beat, which is good for those long, sometimes aching, hours of sitting in a car.

6. Lighthouse by Rend Collection – Wayne adores this song, it’s très catchy and uplifting! Definitely gets us singing every time and bobbing our heads to the beat.

7. Secrets by OneRepublic – I love OneRepublic, and this is by no means my top favourite, but for the purpose of this list, I only chose one of their songs.

8. I Will Wait (or almost anything) by Mumford and Sons – We both LOVE Mumford and Sons, what more can I say? They are amazing!!!

9.  Old Pine by Ben Howard – Such a soothing and earth-y song, and Ben Howard is wonderful. One of my faves. I would love to listen to this while driving through a dark pine forest!

10. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer – Maybe this is my girly-girl side, but I love this song. I love the picture the words paint; goes fitting with a road-trip through the prairies.

11. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus – If you’re going to the US, this is so much fun to pump yourself up to! Especially when approaching a huge city like New York or LA!

12. Let Her Go by Passenger – What a charming song, and who better to sing it with than with someone you love whilst holding their hand?

13. You & Me by Lifehouse – If you’re travelling with your significant other, it is literally just you and them. Too bad you can’t dance a slow dance in the car…

14. Hey Soul Sister by Train – HE-EY! HE-EH-EH-EY! HE-EH-EH-EY!…

15. Any Other Way by Daniela Andrade – She’s not big like that Ariana chick but I love this Canadian singer song-writer! (since there isn’t much on YouTube, check out her songs here!)

Listening to these songs make me want to get in the car and take off…
What songs have you been listening to on your road trips lately? Or maybe air plane trips? Song suggestions are greatly welcome!

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