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I’m a girly girl. I won’t deny it. I love doing my hair and make-up, and pursuing my idea of beauty and femininity. My tastes have become finer over the years, which basically means I spend a lot more money on beauty products and accessories!

Moving to Egypt has presented to me a great conundrum: how to pack up all my make up supplies, jewels, scarves, and hair products with limited luggage space and weight restrictions? This was a big deal for me! I learned how to sacrifice, and also learned to fully embrace my favourite sort of beauty, which is elegant simplicity.

Step One : New Look
One of the first things I did to reduce on needed products was to chop off my hair! A bit drastic, I know,
and not necessarily something any girl is willing to do, but I did! By doing this, I no longer needed my enormous hair brush, hair spray, hair cream, hair mouse, hair elastics, bobby pins, hair curler, large straightener, and anti-frizz cream! I had A LOT of hair (and still do…), and now, I have a lot more space!

Step Two: Beauty Bag Limit
The next thing I did was purchase a beauty bag (my old ones were much too small, and old) from Forever 21 and began to put in my absolute essentials, and I was very surprised with how compact everything fit!

So here is an overall shot of what I was able to fit inside this beauty bag (that was on sale for under 5$!) with a little extra room!

Going left to right, top to bottom, and section by section, we have:

{Section 1}



~ 1 tarte foundation ~ 1 Clinique primer (sample sizes are prefect for travel!) ~ 1 Beauty blender from Sephora ~ 1 Kabuki brush from Sephora ~ 2 liquid eye liners ~ 4 mascaras ~ And a travel Brush pack from Sephora that I ADORE! It really helped me eliminate a lot of my longer brushes that take up more space. Here is more travel size make up from Sephora.


{ Section 2 }



Carrying on, we have 1 big powder brush ~ 1 eye shadow pallet by Maybelline ~ 1 tarte eye liner ~ 4 lipsticks from varying brands ~ And 1 cream lipstick from Dior. As you can tell, I have a balance between drug store and high end make up products. That’s a reflection of my student life! Now that my career is about to begin, I can foresee more high end products, but I am happy with the ones I use until they run out.

Note: As you can see, I use a small elastic band to keep the bristles of my powder brush together, nice and tight, so they don’t get damaged during transport.

{ Section 3 }

I like to save money where I can, as long as I’m getting the results I need, which is why I buy make-up remover wipes from the dollar store! ~ We also have 2 bareminierals powders ~ 2 lip stains from Sephora ~ 1 set of 5 sparkle statement eye liners that are great for special events like Christmas and New Years.
Note: keep in mind how many gels, liquids and pastes you are bringing, since some airlines will make you fit them all in a baggie. I was able to fit all of mine with the Air Canada!


Whew! So now, if you add all of that up, that is 25 items! (not including the individual pieces of a package) Not to mention there is a little more room for my hair wax, and cloth to clean my glasses. So if its possible to live off of this beauty bag for 2 years (with replacements of course) than I am confident that any travelling girl who has a soft spot for beauty and make-up, can easily pack for a journey of any length!

Jewellery is another issue of its own, and that will come in a future post, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, hopefully this post was helpful and informative! Do you have any great travelling tips and ideas? I love pinning travelling hacks on Pinterest! With many voyages in the new future, it never hurts to learn more in that area of travelling!



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