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Want to avoid two major mistakes upon the arrival at your destination? Click here to find out over at Hopeless Wanderer. Some solid tips that I can definitely relate to on a few travels! Watch out for tip number 2! It can be costly and eat into your budget.

Two Mistakes Travellers Do Upon Arrival - Wanderlust + Heart

Also, congratulations to Hopeless Wanderer on getting an honorary mention as a favourite local blog by The Uniter 30! That is so exciting!

And this concludes our 4 part “What Not to Do” series! It was definitely fun, challenging and overall a great experience with Katrina. I’m a bit sad it’s over! If you missed any, or have just joined us, below are all four blog posts! Click on the topic below to be taken to that blogpost:





This week and weekend has been dedicated to booking places to stay for our Christmas trip! We are booking into some cool-looking hostels, and possibly an airbnb.

You may have seen me post this picture a couple times now on my Instagram, if you follow along:

This is our itinerary, but with a small change. We have decided to skip Frankfurt and opted to see a little more of Vienna and Munich. It can be very tempting to want to see everything you possible can, squeezing in as many cities and only seeing them for a day before you hop on a train and move to the next place. But I am fighting that urge, and staying in every city at least 2 nights, which is still a short amount of time! But we are balancing it out by staying with family for 4 days, and staying in Russia for quite some time, to take it easy and not kill over!

Planning a long trip can be hard and time-consuming, but it is also very fun and adds to the excitement and joy of the journey! These are the steps I typically use when I plan trips longer than a week or to more than one city.

Not going to lie. Part of me wants to go home for Christmas and spend it with family back in Winnipeg, but we are pretty excited for Christmas in Europe and seeing some extended family in Germany! Bring on the Christmas Markets!

While I am collecting info on what to do and see in all of these cities on Pinterest, I am much open to suggestions! Let me know below in the comments!


Are you travelling for the holidays? Where are you going? Where have you gone before? Do you have a favourite place? Let me know!

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