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Hello fellow wanderers!

You may have seen that terribly humbling video of how big the Earth is in comparison to other bodies of mass in space. While the world can seem like such a small place, once you begin ticking off the places you’ve been…you realize it’s a big, big world out there!

Like most travellers, I like to keep track of where I’ve been, and one of those ways is through postcards. They are my ‘badges’ so to speak. At first glance you will think, ‘blimey! This girl has seen much of the world!’ but then you might use, say, a map to showcase the same thing, and you wouldn’t arrive to the same conclusion.

I had fun today looking for a nice map checklist generator, and liked this one in particular. I was a bit disappointed though by the lack of shaded areas left over once I clicked on all the countries I had been to.

Now, these sort of maps are probably the least fair representation of any fellow wanderer’s journeys. Not only does it shade an entire country while you may have only visited one city, but it doesn’t highlight cities, or even states at all! Not only that, but it counts the UK as one whole mass! While I have been to England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, someone who has only been to London is not the same thing. These are all very different places, I think it very unfair to simply mass them as the UK. Most map generators, I found, did this.

Regardless of the inaccurate representation this map as to where I have been, it does propel me to want to travel even more! So I decided to also map out where I am going (will be buying tickets to Egypt soon!) and where my husband and I plan to visit next within the next 2 years and beyond.

Egypt is in yellow. Pink = countries we plan to go to during our first year abroad. Green = during our second year.
Bright blue = later in the next 5 years
If you would like to make a map of your own to share where you’ve been or even as a visual bucket list, click here to use the same map creator I used. If you come across one that is even nicer than this one, let me know in the comments below! I should like to get a physical map one day, hang it on the wall of my future home and use pins and string to show trips and journeys…One day I shall!

Wanderfully yours,


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