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Barcelona is a popular destination, no doubt about it. It is a great mix of urban modern city, old gothic charm, beach town and Spanish culture with a Catalan twist. It’s a unique city, and there is a reason it keeps drawing in tourists and visitors by the thousands! If you are planning a trip there, keep reading to get an idea of what to see, do, what to eat, and overall how to have a blast in this amazing Spanish city! Here are my 10 suggestions:

1- Visit the Gothic Quarter

This is a spot I love returning to every time! The Gothic Quarter is so neat and different from the rest of Barcelona, with it’s tiny, winding streets preserved since the middle ages, the cathedral and little squares, all etched in old and fascinating history! This is a part of the city you want a tour guide for!

2 – Eat Seafood Paella

Barcelona is a coastal city, so you will see a lot of seafood around! If you’re not allergic, then I highly recommend you combine two typical dishes of the city: Paella and seafood! It comes with rings of calamari, little clams, and half a lobster! Yum!

3 – Walk Down Las Ramblas

This is where the hustle and bustle never seems to end! We loved walking down this street from Placa de Catalunya and occasionally meandered off to the side streets before making our way back to Las Ramblas. This is also a potential hot spot for pickpockets, so keep your belongings well-secured! This is also a great street to make some typical souvenir shopping. From here you can also go to Plaza Real, Santa Maria del Pi Basilica and the Boqueria Market.

4 – Be in Awe of the Sagrada Familia

Two visits later, and I still am in incredible awe of this magnificent structure. The outside might seem very impressive and interesting, but the inside is really where the artistry and reverence is revealed. You could spend hours looking at all the detailed elements and admiring the beauty on every column, window or wall. There is seriously nothing like it in the entire world!

5 – Fun Day at the Beach

Barcelona didn’t always have a beach! In fact, that’s Egyptian sand you’re tanning on! The beach is a very popular destination, and yes it can be fairly crowded and touristy, but it’s still a fun way to beat the Spanish heat in the middle of summer! The water is so lovely and warm, but still refreshing. The waves can get fairly strong, so surfing is definitely a possibility!

6 – Watch A Football Match

It’s no mystery where the Barcelona team is based. If you are lucky to be visiting during a game, be sure to book tickets in advanced. If you love futbol, you’ll love the experience of watching one of the most renown club teams in the beautiful stadium, Camp Nou, filled with energized fans!

7 – Explore Gaudi

A Trip to Barcelona would not be complete if you did not see more of Gaudi’s work, besides the Sagrada Familia. There is Parc Guell, which I recommend bringing a picnic, water and comfy shoes along. There are two Gaudi ‘houses’, one called Casa Batllo and the other La Pedrera. If you appreciate artistic brilliance and architectural beauty, you will fall in love with Gaudi’s genius mind!


8 – Go on a Tapas Tour

What are Tapas? If you don’t know, it’s basically snacks! Usually finger food and usually accompanied with a beer. There are good tapas places, and bad tapas places. To hit up a few and try about 5 different tapas or so, look for a Tapas Tour. Imagine dozens battered shrimp, spicy meatballs, savory puff pastries and sausages on toothpicks. Yum! Veggie people, don’t be discouraged, good tapas bars will have options for you too!

9 – Taste Delicious Sangria

Before I had Sangria, I only really liked white wine. Crazy, right? Sangria was what transitioned me into a ‘red’ person. If you are travelling with someone, then you can easily split a pitcher and have a few glasses with your meal. One of the best Sangria’s I had was in Plaça Reial. Enjoy, and take your time! Spanish people don’t eat, drink and leave in a rush.

10 – Enjoy Museums for Free on a Sunday

Who doesn’t like free things? And hopefully you like museums too! If you like Picasso or Barcelona History, there is the Picasso Museum and the Museo d’Historia de Barcelona, that are free from 3pm until 8pm on Sundays. Other museums also are free at least once a month, here is a list of those museums for reference.. So be sure to check out their websites in advance.

If you did just these 10 things, you are already having a great time in Barcelona! There are definitely more things to do, so stay tuned for a more detailed guide to this popular Spanish city!

Have you been to Barthelona? What did you think of it? Is it still on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love this post! & the pictures are beautiful – I will be pinning so I can refer back to when I finally plan my trip to Barcelona. 🙂

    1. Yay! Try not to book it when it’s UBER hot, because I live in Egypt and I couldn’t stand the August heat and humidity of Barcelona, lol! Well, whenever you go, I know you’ll have a great time!

    1. That was probably the funnest thing we did! Maybe I love food too much…Hope you get to go someday soon, Lyndsay! 😀 Then you can eat endless tapas 😉

  2. Oh my those food are making me hungry. The seafood looks so delicious. Love that drink as well. Putting this in my bucketlist.

  3. My cousins live in Madrid so I have visited there a lot. But we’ve never taken a trip to Barcelona. It sounds so fun and seems like there is a little more culture throughout the city which sounds fun. Adding it to the list!

  4. When I visited our hotel was in the Gothic Quarter, and we loved it! The area was so beautiful at night too. There were tons of cute cafes and restaurants that stayed open late. Your pictures are so gorgeous and are making me want to visit Barcelona again soon! Thanks for sharing!

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