12 Fall Date Night Ideas – On a Budget

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I don’t know about you, but I fell in love in the Fall time. In fact, Wayne and I met exactly 5 years ago today! This is part of the reason I find Fall even a more romantic time than Summer! The warm sunlight, red leaves, the cozy gear and earlier sunsets all lend to endless date night possibilities!

When my husband and I first started dating, we hung out all the time! Now, being married, having a baby, raising a puppy, it’s hard to find the time we used to have to have date nights together, but I am determined to have some before the baby arrives this winter! On the other hand, I also want to be money-conscious as we save up for quite a few expenses in the near future.

So, I went back to the past to our dating days for inspiration. All of these activities are either free or about 10$ a person, perfect for a budget-minded couple! Not only that, I purposely have more outdoor activities, because as the weather gets colder, the harder it is to do things outside, but Fall is still a great time to be outside as much as possible!

Outdoor Activities

Walk in the Park

Is this one too obvious? Still, maybe you two don’t go out too much, maybe you have a dog who could use the exercise. Either way, a walk is a great, simple and costless way to spend meaningful time together. One key thing though: don’t forget to put your phone on silent!


As great as bonfires are in the summer, I think they are even better in the fall! The sun sets earlier, and the evenings are cooler. Roast some sausages, or make smores! Once you’re done, cuddle with a blanket as you watch the fire slowly die down. If you don’t have a fire pit, maybe you have a friend who does. Make it a double date!

Hiking or Nature Walk

For those who are a little more outdoorsy or tired of city parks, why not have a mini road trip to a wild and untamed part of nature? Make it a half day trip, take a picnic, and some good hiking shoes! Maybe learn a new skill, like identifying trees or mushroom picking. Enjoy the little critters that may be getting ready for winter!

Hot Drink Under the Stars

Ok, let’s face it. Fall is for pumpkin spiced lattes (did you know you can make them yourself?). Whatever your preferred hot drink is, fill up a couple of thermoses, grab a blanket, maybe binoculars, a scarf and head out of the city. Find a quiet place off the highway, maybe a field, and park. Spend the next hour star-gazing, drinking something hot, and talking with your loved one about things that you don’t always get a chance to talk about.

Corn Maze Day

Why not throw in a fun challenge to feel young and in love again? A corn maze is great fun, for about 10$ a person, that can last quite a few hours! We go to one that also has a petting zoo included, and who doesn’t like cute bunny rabbits, sheep and donkeys?

Lazy Photoshoot

Basically, this is a very casual photoshoot where you hire a friend who is no professional, but enjoys playing with the camera. Chances are, your friend will charge you a handful of cash compared to a professional. Yes, the pictures won’t turn out amazing, but you will have fun! Why, because you’re not stressed and taking it too seriously. To make it more relaxing and casual, do the photoshoot in an area or place that already has a lot of meaning and memories for you as a couple. Wayne arranged a photoshoot to celebrate our one month anniversary (how cute!), and we were able to get some nice shots to remind us of that day forever!

Indoor Activities

Late Night Home Movie

Fall Date Ideas On a Budget - Pursuing Lovely

If you’ve been married for a while or are past the age of 25, chances are you are an old fart like us and usually are in bed by 10. Make an effort to sleep in a bit or squeeze in a nap and plan a late night movie night with your love. Why? There’s just something about staying up later than makes you feel young again! Brings back memories of your dating days when the world was just a bit more simple and you had less responsibilities.

Baking Together

When it starts getting chillier outside, time around the oven starts looking more appealing. After dinner, instead of sitting on the couch to watch the next Netflix episode, bake something together! Unless you have a great baking stock, it may be wise to plan the recipe ahead of time to have all the ingredients on hand. You could even go shopping for the ingredients together!

Dinner by Candlelight

You can do it together, or take turns hosting the dinner. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or go beyond your cooking skills. However, to make the dinner time last, try to serve it as a 3 course meal. Begin with a soup or salad, then move on to the main course, and don’t forget dessert! Stick with the best meal you know how to make, maybe include one favourite from each spouse. Add a bottle of wine, and some candles, maybe some music in the background, and that is all you need! A simple, romantic and thoughtful meal that enables you to focus on each other.

An alternative is learning how to cook a new recipe together!

Museum Visit & Local Events

Keep an eye or ear out for potentially free or discounted museum entrance days for a free and interesting date night. Also take note of any small local events hosted by organizations. This is a great chance to branch out a bit into the artsy, geeky or cultural community. Encourage each other to stretch out of your comfort zone and try something new! Couchsurfing and Alliance Francaise are two event organizers that are usually free! Find your local one through their Facebook page or website.

Home Made Spa Night

How do you do this? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. A foot tub, some bathrobes, a face mask, calming music, a drink, some massage oil (lavender is my favourite!) and you have the basic starter package! This is the kind of activity in which you will have to take turns serving one another, maybe with a foot rub, or shoulder massage. To finish off, have a hot bubble bath or shower together!

Coming Soon: How to Have a Spa Night at Home

Fall Date Night Ideas on a Budget

You may notice some common elements with all these date night ideas. Basically, anything will work if you break from the routine, and have something to do. Which means the possibilities are endless!

What are some date night ideas you have done that are easy on the bank? Which of these are you going to try this fall?

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Anyone else totally pumped for autumn? I already have my wardrobe unpacked for the next season and already had my second pumpkin spiced latte! Who else is ready to say good-bye to summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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