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my name is Elizabeth. I am a wife, first time mom, teacher, and traveller who loves food, art, culture, beauty and, obviously, to travel! My wanderlust began when I was 5 years old, and it grew into a huge passion. I got the travel bug!

Apart from tips and discussion topics surrounding all sorts of aspects of travel – from packing tips, to must sees – this blog will be a means to share my journey through motherhood, lifestyle tips and passions to inspire and motivate others to pursue the lovely and pure things in life.

I love telling stories, sharing advice, and encouraging others. You can join in on our daily family adventures on Instagram and be inspired and encouraged!

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What is your travel style?

We used to strictly do backpacking and budget travelling, though have been able to treat ourselves to a little bit of luxury travel once in a while!

Where do you normally stay when you travel? 

Now with our little Laurie, we will likely stick to hotels and AirBNBs. As a single traveller and as a couple we stayed in hostels, hotels, airBNBs but also did Couchsurfing! While it’s harder to use it now, we would still try it since we loved all our Couchsurfing experiences!

What is your favourite destination?

I don’t know if any traveller can choose just one, I know I can’t. But I can narrow down my top 5! France and Ireland are the closest to my heart, with Greece, Budapest and Scotland following close behind!

When will you have more kids?

Not for a few years at least! I like the idea of being able to focus on one child during those early years and having your oldest become independent enough for when number 2 comes along!



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