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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will know that we spent a lovely week back on the Red Sea! This time, in Sharm El Sheikh!  I am here to tell you everything about it, and how it can be a wonderful beach getaway holiday for you too! Get your swim suit, and let’s dive in, shall we?

Sharm el Sheikh Holiday

When to Come

This small city is on the very bottom tip of the Sinai and about 2 hours away from Dahab, where we stayed last time. While Egypt is known as a rather hot country, there is a winter season here. The Red Sea is usually a bit warmer than inland, like Cairo, but the water will still be very cold. If you are only interested in scuba diving and seeing sights, than you can come any time of the year! If suntanning and beaches are on your mind, then come anytime between April and October, but watch out for the intense heat during June-August!

Where to Stay

There are plenty of options in Sharm. Due to the economy and struggling tourism, even 5 star all-inclusive resorts are much cheaper than you would expect, making luxury much more affordable. We stayed at the Renaissance Golden Beach View Resort, which is one of the most southern resorts. Here are two locations to keep in mind as you look for a place to stay:

Old Market: This is a quaint market with many, many souvenir shops and restaurants, and a gorgeous, unique-looking mosque! This place is home to Fares Seafood, a highly recommended restaurant. This place is more to the south of the city.

Naama Bay: This more central/northern area run along the shore and is rather big. Many big name restaurants, more souvenir shops, and lounge areas along the beach, of course. There are also excursion offices to book activities and trips, and they will probably offer you a cheaper price than what the representatives at your hotel will charge. We found that out the hard way. Never pay 500 pounds for Parasailing. Ever.

What to Do

Desert quadding

You will not run out of things to do in Sharm. If you are content with alternating between lounging by the pool and swimming on the beach, that’s perfectly fine. If you need to keep busy, here is a list of what is available to you:

  • Desert Quadding : We had a BLAST doing this! Especially since my husband is experienced, he could rip through the desert at high speeds, so much fun!
  • Dolphin Show and Swim : I always wanted to swim with dolphins, and I finally crossed it off my bucket list!
  • Parasailing : Super easy, requires no skill. But do NOT sign up for parasailing through your hotel. Go to Naama Bay and sign up there, you will pay 3 times less what we did!
  • Scuba Diving : The Red Sea is wonderful for scuba enthusiasts and those who want to learn!
  • Snorkeling : If you can’t really scuba dive (like yours truly) it’s pretty amazing what you can see just meters from the shore! I had fish almost touching me I was so close to the reef!

wayne beache2

  • Glass-Bottom Boat : If you don’t like touching fish or not a strong swimmer, you can take the glass-bottom boat and see what you would basically see while snorkeling.
  • Camel ride and Bedouin dinner :  I raved about our camel ride and bedouin dinner we had in Dahab, this one was pretty good too. The show, however, was so amateur, almost painfully so! But I never pass up a camel ride!
  • Trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery : This is a further trip from Sharm than from Dahab, but still very doable.
  • Trip to Ras Mohammed Natural Park : If you want to see a real wild desert, this is the place to go!
  • Spa day : Our hotel had a spa, so we got a 2 hour package that included a body scrub, full body massage and pedicure.

That’s just 10 of the most typical things to do, never mind souvenir shopping, dining, and plain old exploring the city.


There are a variety of restaurants of all kinds of cuisines to try. Most of them are in Naama Bay, with big name restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe. We ate a few times in our hotel, because they had an amazing little restaurant that prepared amazing lamb chops and steak! Here are a couple of recommendations you won’t want to miss on your trip to Sharm:

Fares Seafood

sea food2

 If you like fish, this is the place for you. This place is not only popular among tourists but even locally. Apart from the crab (which I would stay clear of, because it’s the itty bitty ones that don’t taste good) everything is pretty delicious, and their drinks are boss! Their specialty dish, however, is probably their hand-picked lobster. If you love lobster and want to spoil yourself to a 290 LE treat, you can go down to their lobster tank and pick out the lobster you want to eat. Vegetarians and vegans will hate this concept, and to be honest, I’m not so sure I could do it!

Farsha Cafe

Just look at that view! Now, we went in the evening, so you can’t see the beach as well, but this is a funky shisha cafe that uses really neat decor and lighting to create a relaxing and bohemian atmosphere. Don’t expect to have a real meal here, they mostly serve snacks, but the fruit juices are delicious! This is the perfect place to sit on some rugs, take in the sights, and chill with friends.

That is a holiday in Sharm in a nutshell! The Sinai region and the Red Sea are so beautiful, we never get tired of that crystal blue water and sunny skies! So, what do you think? Could Sharm el Shiekh be your next beach holiday?

Find more information about Egypt destinations from my Egypt Itinerary Planning blog post.

Have you been to Sharm or Dahab? What was it like? What did you love most? Do you have any questions about visiting Sharm el Sheikh? Let me know in the comments below!


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