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Have you ever been so excited about stuff that you couldn’t wait to share it with others? Not just friends and family but everyone? I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. I enjoy taking care of my skin and health overall, and when I find something that makes life easier, healthier and happier, than I can’t resist sharing it.

Clicking on the product pictures or links will take  you to where you can purchase and order them yourselves! Some of these links are affiliate links, which help run this website with the newest and best features to keep bringing  you the best content I can! I only recommend things I use myself and love!

Alright! Let’s start with beauty and make up products!

Beauty Products

Clinique Stay-Matte Foundation

With summer basically here in Egypt, I knew it was time to get a new foundation to help with the melting heat that makes me feel so oily on my face. I also needed something that matched my new skin tone (read: tanned) so I got the Clinique stay-matte, oil-free foundation. It’s great for dry, combination or oily skin, I happen to be combination. It has good coverage, it is buildable and it is meant to absorb shine and control oil levels. Though it has a matte finish, it is a liquid foundation, which is why I pair it with the next product:

Sephora 8HR Compact Foundation

I dust this on with a kabuki brush to set in the Clinique foundation. When I don’t need full coverage, say I’m just going out grocery shopping, then I just use the powder foundation which a mattifying powder that has long wear, which is great, because who wants their face to look half melted by the end of the day? I also love how easy it is to pack, and it comes with an application sponge.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner

I got this drugstore eyeliner because of the color, which is 45 blue remix. It is a gorgeous metallic sea-blue! Is there any colour that screams summer more than sea-blue? I have seen several Egyptian ladies using similar pops of blue and turquoise along their water line, and I love it! I figured, with my similar physical traits, that I should try it out, and it looks great on brown eyes! There are probably better quality eyeliner sticks, but this one is pretty cheap. While it is definitely water proof (so hard to get off even with makeup remover) it does smudge in the heat, though doesn’t lose the colour intensity. Being my first coloured liner, I’m pretty happy. I think I might try the purple next…


Chia seeds

After spotting several clean-eating pins on Pinterest with this, seemingly “secret”, ingredient known as chia seeds, I decided to do a little research into them and find out for myself whether these weird little things were as nutritious and benefiting as the internet raved them to be. The thing that shocked me the most was the amount of fiber in them! Holy moly. I tried them in a pudding once and learned the hard way that you need to ease your way into them. I probably had a bit too much in my pudding…But I love putting them in water with lemon or my protein smoothies, as well. I haven’t tried them as vegan replacements yet, simply because I’m more into cutting out gluten and carbs than living a vegan lifestyle, but I’m pretty happy with this new ingredient in my kitchen.

Chia Seeds
Image: Chia Side Effects

Coconut Oil

I’ve been loving coconut oil for a year or two now, but recently I’ve been using it for my scalp. Living in the desert is taking a toll on my skin, and I’m already prone to dandruff. I decided to use coconut oil to help alleviate my scalp. I massage small globs throughout my head, really focusing on massaging it into the scalp and then wait 15 minutes before I jump in the shower. The first didn’t show huge difference, but after the second time I definitely noticed waaay less dandruff and healthy scalp! Not only that, I swear my hair had growth spurt! Normally my hair grows decently fast, but I noticed in Egypt it grows a bit slower, so that was a nice surprise!

Another way I’ve been using coconut oil is through oil-pulling. What’s that?? Well, it’s basically using coconut oil as a mouthwash. I know what you’re thinking: ew! But actually, it’s not bad! If you really like the smell and taste of coconut, the oily texture is actually not all that unpleasant. It has helped my teeth feel a lot less sensitive, and keeps them looking just a bit whiter (without using any whitening products) than when I don’t use it.

The purpose of oil-pulling is to remove bacteria from your mouth very effectively and also bring in some nutrients to your teeth’s pores, which improve their health overall. Ever since I got a cavity on my back tooth, I’ve been using it religiously until I see a dentist, and there is virtually no pain! You want to get the organic cold-pressed kind to reap the most health benefits.

Do you have some beauty and health products you have been crazy about lately? Share in the comments below! I’m always down to try out new things!


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