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Living in Egypt so far has its pros and cons. Fortunately, one of those pros is our apartment. While the furnishing is relatively basic, it is very spacious and comfortable for a newly wed couple. In 6th of October, there are many spacious apartments and villas, as it is a much newer area that is trying to attract the wealthier civilians.

Here is a tour of our Egyptian apartment! When you first walk in, there is the dinning and living room, a nice open concept area with many windows, two of which lead to balconies.

Off to the side, is the kitchen, which is in its own room, unfortunately. This room is probably the lead furnished, with only one counter, which makes the big kitchen feel really sparse. We managed to find a small coffee table that was being thrown out, and re purposed it for our kitchen.

We took this picture before we bought garbage cans.

Next to the kitchen, is a half bath that faces the dining room, which is great for when we have visitors. It has two lights, one being right above the mirror, so it is very good lighting to put make up on!

 In the living room corner across one of the main balconies, is where I decided to set up my desk, since Wayne likes to use the dinning room table for his work. It felt too lonely being in the small spare bedroom, all the way on the other side of the apartment.

 If you go around to the other side of the living room. there is the entrance to the main hallway that leads to the rest of the apartment, which is the bedrooms and bathroom.

First off, we have the master bedroom. It is quite large, and actually has two windows…but we covered one up with the wardrobe due to the odd placements of wall plugs and for the sake of an appealing layout. We also have our purple and mint master bathroom, with a bathtub! Now we just need to get some bath bombs…
As some of you know, we have two extra bedrooms, here is the larger one. The smaller one we may turn into an office if we feel Wayne needs a proper desk. I am envious of the wardrobe in this particular room, because it is the only one with a full length mirror! So if you are coming to visit us, this is where you will be staying! We promise it will look nicer when you arrive 😉
And lastly we have the big guest bathroom/laundry room. It also has a bathtub and our dryer rack. Again, very spacious, but awkwardly placement of things…Oh well.  It does have some nice blue tiles, though!
So there you have it, this is our living situation for our first year in Egypt! Thank you for joining us on our tour! Stay tuned for more Life in Egypt blog posts!

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