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Last week was the launch of a collaboration between Hopeless Wanderer, and Wanderlust + Heart to bring to you a “What Not to Do” series of travel tips!

This week, Katrina has written about : What Not to do on a Long Flight. Follow the link to her blog where you can learn 10 really sound and great tips about how to properly survive those dreadful long flights that bring inevitable jetlag.

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In the wake of the terrible attacks on Paris last week, I wanted to dedicate a little corner of this blog to the citizens and city of Paris.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know that I adore this city, and that I lived an hour away for almost a year back in 2011-2012. Paris to me is beyond beautiful buildings, mouth-watering food, and vibrant culture. It has a great sentiment as, to me, it represents a season of my life when I grew up, matured, grew more confident and developed friendships that have enriched my soul.

Instead of giving into the fear and hate that the enemy wants us to give in to, I want to talk about some of my favourite places in Paris that I will visit again someday soon!

1. Les Jardins de Luxembourg

 Need I say more? Probably my favourite garden. PS: Paris in the fall is my favourite!

2. Montmartre

While it is most iconic attraction is the Sacre-Coeur Basilica, it is also known as the Arist’s Quarter, because there are many free-lance painters and artists with their easels, ready to create some marvellous art. There are also usually some art exhibitions in the area, one permanent one is l’Espace Dali, dedicated to Salvador Dali.

3. The Louvre

It is so greatly situated with les Tuilleries gardens, l’Orangerie museum, the Sein, close to the Latin Quarter, Place de la Concorde, so much around and to see!

4. La Fontaine St. Michel

Not only is it close to an amazing falafel little bistro, if you venture off to the right of this fountain, there are plenty of winding little cobbled streets, many restaurants, and all sorts of intriguing little shops. This is also in the Latin Quarter, which is a wonderful area to explore and get lost in!

5. La Tour Eiffel

Surprise, surprise…I love her from anywhere I can see her! Just look at her sparkle…makes you believe in magic!

I hope you don’t let these recent events from visiting Paris in the future. It is one of the most visited cities in the world for a reason, and it is best to discover it and experience it for yourself!

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