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Applicability, this is the other half of the equation to making your Pin go viral on Pinterest. If you want Pinterest to be your ally and bring you insane amount of traffic, then you need both Attractive and Applicable pins. To know what to do to make attractive pins, check out Part I of this series.

What Does Applicability Mean?

This has little to do with the pin itself, and a lot more to do with the actual blog, product or service you are promoting (but don’t worry, I will show you how your pin does still play a part!). It’s quite simple. How applicable is your post to the general population? In simpler terms: how helpful is it to people?

If you have a post about “How to Put Your Baby to Sleep”, then your post is applicable to every new mother. If your post is about “How this 500$ Crib is totally worth it”, it only applies to mothers with enough income to buy a 500$ crib comfortably.

I think it’s time I share some personal examples.

This is my wildly viral pin: It talks about what people tend to forget to pack when they go travel. I also give away a free print-out check list, but we’ll get to that in another blog post about Strategies. It isn’t entirely clear that my niche is travel, since many people travel! Fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, mommy bloggers, and more.

Let’s compare it to another popular blog post (but not viral!). This post is about what to do in Mykonos, and is part of my Greek Island series which includes Santorini as well.

This isn’t just a travel journal that records what we did, instead it’s structured to help others plan a trip to the Greek islands. This is more noticeably part of my travel niche and helps build my level of ‘expertise’ as a travel blogger.

As much as I wish my Mykonos blog post was viral (I even think it is much better written and put together!), the amount of people it applies to simply cannot compare to the amount of people that will likely go for the first post about packing. But that’s ok! I will explain in my next point how having both kinds of blog posts is not only ok, but healthy for your blog!

How can you write an applicable blog?

First and foremost, I have to preface with this: Not every post you write has to be widely applicable or viral!

In fact, you only need a handful of highly popular posts that will bring thousands of people to your blog. Once they are on your page and done reading your viral post, they can move on to see what other good content you have in store for them. The better quality content you have, the better your bounce rate! The better your bounce rate, the better chance of growing a faithful following.

Why should you only have a handful of these kinds of posts? Because:

  • A. You cannot become an ‘expert’ in your niche if you only write about broad and general topics
  • B. It can make your site look ‘click-bait-y’
  • C. Your readers won’t get a sense of personal connection with you, as a writer.

If your niche somehow allows you to write about wide applicable topics, that’s great! Just keep a balance in mind.

How Does My Pin Play a Role?

Unless you are a photographer, your pin is not enough with just a beautiful picture. It may get pinned, but we want to go beyond that and also get a ‘click’. How do we go from Pin to Click? There are two main ways your pin plays a role (besides being attractive and eye-catching).

  1. Visual Words Display (font and display)
  2. A solid Description box

Visual Words Display

Your applicable post should have a well-deserved title that will intrigue viewers and let them know what they will get from clicking on your pin.

Now, the title of your blog may be just a bit too long for your pin. In this case, you can shorten it a bit so it visually fits on the pin layout.

Alternatively, you can add more information right on the pin as secondary information. In my example, for instance, I have additional information on my pin concerning my post. I announce that I have a free checklist people can download. This extra bit of information is to further entice people to click on my pin.

If you are giving something away or have a promo, you should make sure that information, while it doesn’t have to stand out as much as the title, it should stand out in its own way.

Notice that the title stands out! What’s more, you can experiment and see which keywords can ‘jump out’ at readers. If you find 2 title layouts that work nicely on your pin, then you are halfway through making 2 unique pins for one post! Believe it or not, many bloggers use this technique to get more traffic. You never know what will catch someone’s eye, so having two versions is actually not a bad idea.


Description Box

On Pinterest, you will notice that when you create or add a brand new pin from your blog, there is a section called Description box. Use this space to your advantage! Not only does it help your readers know at a very quick glance what they will get out of your post, but it can help your SEO within the realm of Pinterest! That means when people search about a topic you have written about, your pin is going to have a better chance of being closer to the top of the page.

Tips on writing a good description:

  1. Make it brief and to the point, 2-3 sentences.
  2. Entice the reader to click. Do this by addressing an issue, need or want and how your post will give them the solution.
  3. Sign off with your Blog name

Example: Imagine this is for a pin that links to a blog post on “10 Quick Protein-Packed Meals”

DESCRIPTION BOX -> “Need help with quick healthy snacks? Today I share 10 easy recipes to make snacks packed with protein to keep you going on the go! Get healthy in less time! – Wanderlust & Heart”

I address the need to be healthy and the issue of time and I entice the readers with “easy” solutions to this problem. If you already got the attention of a viewer through your snazzy-looking pin and piercing title, then this last bit is to finish reeling them in!


There you go! That’s all you need to make your pin viral on Pinterest and reap in the views!…Ok, maybe not.

Actually, there IS more to it. If you only follow the tips about Presentation and Applicability, you pin will become viral eventually. My viral post was written in July 2015, and only just started hitting off in December. That’s nearly 6 months later!

If you want to get your pin noticed more quickly, then stick around for an email (if you’re subscribed) that will let you know when another post is up! A post on Strategies for Success on Pinterest is in the works!


I hope this two-part series has helped and given you direction when it comes to Pinterest and how it can really boost your traffic! (Click here to go back to Part I) If you are completely lost and still very unsure about what Pinterest is all about, I have something in the works for you too! I want to share my advice and help as many people as I can! So stick around.

Have you started using any of these tips on your blog? Has it been successful? Are there other tips you have that you would like to share? If you have questions or comments, please leave them down below!


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  1. i love this! elements such as applicability are things I wouldn’t have ever considered or thought of- and it’s really so simple! thanks for the tips.

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