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It’s no secret that finding a teaching job in Canada is a struggle, especially a permanent job. I hear teachers from all across the provinces complain about the same issue. So why not take a crack at teaching abroad? In fact, why not teach in Egypt? I know what you’re thinking, because you’re probably watching the news. In case you didn’t know, the news doesn’t show the whole story. Egypt is a great chance for Canadian teachers to develop their profession, to grow, and to have an incredible adventure. Here are just 10 reasons why Canadian teachers should come teach in Egypt:

1. Job Openings:

In Egypt, there are a handful of established Canadian schools, and there are always job openings every year, since few teachers come with the mindset of settling down permanently. But, the great part is, once you are here, you can stay as long as you want! You will likely start with a two-year contract, but you decide whether you want to stay another two, five or ten years.

And even if you can’t find the ideal teaching position your first year, chances are you will be able to in your second year because of the change of staff that occurs on a yearly basis.

2. Canadian & Egyptian Holidays

Not only do you still get Canadian Thanksgiving and Victoria Day, you also get a whole slew of Egyptian holidays! There is the week-long celebration of Eid in the fall and, depending on your school, you might have three weeks of Christmas holidays as well!

3. Escape the Frigid Canadian Winter

Canadian Teachers Abroad - Wanderlust + Heart

Need I say more on this subject? While it can get pretty chilly in Egypt (especially since there is no insulation in concrete buildings) it is nothing compared to the arctic wind chill we experience in Canada…Sure, the trade-off is there is no snow, but that means no shovelling, no slipping on ice and you no longer have to travel for a beach holiday when you live in a vacation spot! Now that doesn’t sound too bad to me.

4. Plump Up Your Resume

Let’s face it. How many people do you know have gone to live and work in Egypt? Probably not many, so it will look pretty good on a resume, especially if you intend to teach abroad regularly. Teaching Canadian curriculum in an Egyptian culture will have unique challenges that will help you develop skills that can be easily transferrable to any teaching job.

5. Save Up!

Teach in Egypt - Wanderlust + HeartIf you apply at a well-established school, they will not only help provide free (or 90% covered) housing, but they also basically pay for you to come and go for as long as your contract runs, so you can save up much of your income and live quite comfortably. These savings can go towards a new car, retirement savings, or fund higher level education, anything you have dreams and plans for.

6. Low Cost of Living

While the pay might seem quite a bit lower than what it would be back home, you have to take into account that cost of living in Egypt is easily 1/6 of what it is in Canada. Things like groceries, phone plans, and going to the movies are all very affordable. Even the most expensive things we do, like going out for a nice steak dinner, costs half what it would in Canada!

7. Invaluable Cultural Experience

camel rider

Moving to a new country with a vastly different culture than that of your own will automatically throw you into new situations and force you out of your comfort zone. There are countless new cultural experiences for you to indulge in and learn from in Egypt. New foods, new sounds, new cultural norms and religious practices, all open your eyes and change your perceptions and make you braver. Try your hand at rowing on the Nile, mingle the diverse Expat community, or try all the shisha flavours! Who knows, maybe you will even learn a decent amount of Arabic! Egyptian Arabic that is.

8. Great Travel Opportunities

I think it’s fair to say that most teachers love to travel! Not only is there a lot to explore in Egypt itself, from the Pyramids to the Red Sea, but Egypt is practically in the middle of this side of the globe. In two hours in any direction you are in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia! This central location will make it easier for you to cross off many items on your bucket list!

9. Egyptian Kids

Teach Egyptian Student

The students you would be teaching are lively, loud, and can be a challenging group to teach. They are also very friendly, pretty honest, they love to make you laugh and they are essentially just like kids in any other part of the world. They need some attention, care and guidance. Some of your students will charm their way into your heart and end up teaching you a lot more than you ever taught them.

10. I am Canadian

This line no longer just relates to a great beer commercial that stereotypes everything Canadians are proud of. Being in a foreign land will make you re-think your identity as a Canadian and what it REALLY means. You will come back with a new understanding and appreciation for the country you call home, and when you step off that plane on your return flight, you will see this country with fresh, glistening eyes…as you track down a Timmies and eat Canadian bacon for the first time in months!


Are you ready to change up your teaching career and go abroad? Check online for Canadian affiliated schools in Egypt, find one that appeals to you, hand in your resume, do an interview, and chances are, I’ll be seeing down in the land of the pharaohs…We’ll be here for at least another year.

Why Canadians Should Teach in Egypt - Wanderlust + Heart

If you have any questions about applying to teach in a Canada school abroad, or have questions about our own experience teaching in in Egypt, comment below or shoot us an email!


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